We provide access control, electric fencing, CCTV installation, bio-metric smartcard, tracking service, VIP protection, personnel devices, man-guarding, security risk management, protocol and escort services, security design and training, security personnel outsourcing, security training, marine security, pre-employment due diligence, security advisory, in-country logistic support, surveillance. 

Man Guarding

Security comes first, the number of guard/personnel or safety equipment that require our service depends on the job specification, location and asset. At an affordable rate, the man power need is mutually negotiated to meet your needs.


We provide security cover for important event such as AGM’s, Concerts, Weddings, Political rallies, launching, funeral and religious ceremonies. We are above the notch security company offering an unmatchable professional range of security services

ICT Security

CCTV, IT espionage counter, criminal data, recovery vetting, polygraph and lie detector test, personnel identity, cyber crime

Access Control

We provide array of security devices and equipment; smart door, electric fencing, barrier, bio-metric and smartcard

Alert Systems

Hard core security using artificial intelligence (A I) and other technology devices. We provide real time security support

Security Risk Analysis

Vital step to ensure efficient security of goods, property and human.Risk can come from uncertainty, threats from project failure

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